Vintage Mío

“When you buy from us, you support non-profit organizations in our local community …. small business, big heart.”

– Armando Cardoso, Founder

Vintage Mío

Want to support a small business & vetted non-profit?

Buy a $10 coasters & $7 (all of the margins) will help support a vetted non-profit organization in our community.

What Makes Vintage Mío Different

Donating funds to vetted non-profit organizations has always been part of the business’ model.

As the Covid pandemic globally impacted us all, various phone calls to NPO’s such as Make-A-Wish and Portland Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital, revealed that there was a tremendous need for additional funding for many of these children.

Also, having lost family members to cancer and having married a wonderful woman, who has fought the effects of domestic abuse from a prior relationship, I’ve made it a goal to raise $250K to vetted NPOs while also making a living.

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Dig A Little Deeper Into Vintage Mío

About Armando

Hello, my name is Armando and I’m the owner of Vintage Mío, an online record store conducting business in the state of Texas. Unlike many record hobbyists, collectors, and/or businesses, music wasn’t a real passion for me growing up. I spent most of my work career in the private banking sector, as a financial crimes investigator.

How I Differ

A significant number of people in this industry grow up with music or spinning records on a turntable. For me, my passion did not happen until January of 2020, when health issues became part of my normal life and ultimately caused me to quit a career that I had been passionate about. Not knowing that the COVID pandemic would impact people on the global level, my small Limited Liability Company (LLC) side gig of flipping records and other collectibles, turned into my primary source of income.

My Belief System

I believe that things happen for a reason. Little did I know that play testing music for live Facebook auctions would turn into a passion and a respect for music and records. As my customer base grew, so did my knowledge of artists, the record business, music equipment, and more. I found myself engaged in the vinyl community and traveling to various states in the U.S. to visit record stores, customers, and interview high profile record enthusiasts. I was hooked. I knew I wanted to do this as my primary income source.

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