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Vintage Mío – Trying Our Best!

“I stumbled upon Vintage Mío, and my first experience was so positive I felt compelled to post about the careful packaging, conservative grading, and prompt service. Since that first experience I continue to source records through Vintage Mio. Add to all that Vintage Mío’s commitment to improving the lives of those around them, and you truly have a small business with a big heart!”

Rob Reitenour, Happy Customer

“Whether you are new to collecting or been at it for a while there is a lot to learn when it comes to records. I can say from firsthand experience there are a lot of people that will try and take advantage of you. Sometimes with bootlegs, poor grading or just crazy inflated prices. Over the last few years I have bought dozens of new and used records from Vintage Mío. Every single one has arrived in expert packaging in exactly the condition described. Not only is Vintage Mío transparent and fair with their prices but they frequently donate a portion of profits to local charities or individuals in need. So not only do you get great music but you also help people. I 100% support and trust this seller.”


“I’m extremely happy with my purchases from Armando. Not too sure how I stumbled on to his page, but the first time I attended one of his auctions I knew that I was going to love this guy. He was very upfront, honest and very knowledgeable in his presentation. I have purchased many records from Armando, and everyone of them was exactly as he described. The shipping boxes that he uses are the best out there and I’m not sure how he does it, but they seem to appear overnight on my doorstep. I used to purchase from a variety of sellers, but have come to learn that Armando has the best quality, service, and shipping speed out there. I no longer purchase from anyone except Armando, I am definitely team Armando.”

“Love doing business with Vintage Mio and Armando. I recently started buying and listening to vinyl records again. Previously the last one I had purchased was Queen’s The Game album when it came out in early 80’s. Being rusty on record quality and album grading, I really appreciate the time Armando spent explaining it and links he shared. The quality and prices of records I’ve purchased have been exactly as advertised. If anything, Armando errors on the side of being conservative in the grading. I really enjoy his online auctions!”