John TEFTELLER has been collecting rare records throughout his entire life. In doing so, TEFTELLER has amassed the most extensive 78 blues collection in the world and has become an instrument of preserving rare blues music. In the past two years, we’ve gotten to know this man and have gained an appreciation for his dedication for collecting these types of records. Paraphrasing some of his words during various chats and interviews, consistently, he has mentioned that some of the blues records which he has acquired, were at some point considered impossible to find. Yet, miraculously, some of these items have been found throughout the years; mainly, the last decade. However, there are two 78’s that remain to be found, which TEFTELLER is in search of. These two records are as follows:

Paramount 13001: Willie Brown’s Grandma Blues/Sorry Blues

Paramount 13099: Willie Brown’s Kicking In My Sleep Blues/Window Blues

These items are so rare, that each record does not maintain a current picture. For those motivated collectors who are always on the hunt, TEFTELLER is currently offering to pay up to $100,000 for either record (depending on the condition). He will buy either one, in any kind of playable condition, even if its cracked.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call TEFTELLER at #541-659-7175. Let him know about this post. Spread the word and happy hunting! Here’s a sample of some good Willie Brown music. Please click here.

Written by : Armando Cardoso

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